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Climate & weather in Dassia Corfu - GREECE

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The weather in Dassia Corfu differs from the rest of the Greek islands and Mainland Greece. While it is sunny, warm and dry in the summer, the winter months are characterized by a fair amount of rainfall and humidity, although they are quite mild as well. The humidity and rainfall are what make Corfu, and the rest of the Ionian islands, lush with vegetation. As Corfu weather tends to be a little cooler than other regions of Greece, it is recommended that visitors have a light jacket handy in the evening. From January to March, temperatures on Corfu isle range from 10°C to 12°C.

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Corfu temperature rises in April, climbing to the mid teens, while May temperatures in Corfu reach the low 20s. In June, July and August, Corfu, Greece weather becomes very pleasant, ranging between the mid to high 20s. Sometimes temperatures in the hottest time of the year may reach the low 30s. September and October are perfect for visitors that prefer cooler temperatures as they drop to the mid teens. November and December Corfu weather is quite cool, as temperatures range from approximately 10°C to the mid teens. The Ionian islands are not affected by the Meltemi winds, as are the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands. In July and August, the prevailing wind is the Maestral, which is a calm, northwesternly wind.
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